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Every single day, millions leave our communities, just by the very nature of everday services that we use and products that we purchase.  At the same time, millons of young blacks are deprived of any hope of going to college.

At ComproTax Philadelphia, one of the largest tax preparation services in the country want to help fix this.  Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent in our communities every year in tax preparation services.  We can harnish some of the dollars to help either create a scholarship program for your church or expand your present scholarship program.


You probably like many in our communities get your tax return done every year by the the big three.  This is not bad because these companies have been in business for years and spend millions advertising.

But, when you pay them to prepare your tax return, what happens to your hard earn money.  It leaves your community.  It helps no one but the wealthy.

By participating in ComproTax Philadelphia scholarship program some of that money can go to create and expand scholarship funds in your community.

Religious Organization
Daycare Centers
Community Organizations

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