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new affiliate enrollee



  • Learn to prepare taxes professionally

  • Start a Tax Preparation Business

  • Learn to make tax-related financial decisions

  • ComproTax Email system provided

  • E & O included

  • Coaching and Mentoring provided

  • Business Building System Provided

  • Work with an experienced Office Manager

Smiling Businesswoman

New Affiliate Enrollee

Working out of an existing office

Qualification for Becoming a
ComproTax New Affiliate

New Affiliate Price Anchor


If you plan to become a ComproTax Affiliate, you must answer the following questions:

Who Recruited you?

Are you current with your personal and business taxes? If not, do you have a payment plan with IRS in place?

If you've been convicted of a felon, you cannot become an Affiliate at this time.  But Click Here To Become A Non-Affiliate Enrollee For Access To Our Course

 If you have already signed up and registered for the Virtual Tax Business at ComproTax Academy then just click the button below and log back in to continue the tax training course.

ComproTax Brand

ComproTax Online
Tax Course

ComproTax has spent the

last 38 years building our brand.  As a ComproTax Pro you will be able to operate your business under a stellar brand

As a New Affiliate Enrollee you will have access to ComproTax state-of-the-art tax preparation course.

Tax Software

As a New Affiliate Enrollee you will have access to state-of-the-art tax preparation software.

ComproTax Email System

As a New Affiliate Enrollee, you will receive a ComproTax Professional Email Account.

Coaching and

Business Building 

Starting a new business can be challenging, but ComproTax Coaching and Mentoring can make that process easier and less challenging

Building a tax business just got easier with ComproTax Business Building System.  Our system can help you build a successful practice.

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